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BCS Woodlands has been developing and implementing forestry related computer software for over 2 decades.  Originating in Peace River, Alberta, Canada; BCS Woodlands has developed into a worldwide software development firm specializing in helping our customers produce value from their Logging/Milling operations. 


We have developed, and are committed to and immersed in, our BCS Woodlands software for Loggers, Haulers and Mills. Our knowledge and expertise come from our customer base consisting of multivariate of woodlands related enterprises from the stump to the wrapped bundle.  Geographically, we assist in the harvesting and processing of timber the breadth and width of Canada, from the American west coast to the hardwoods of Maine, and the South Pacific along with the north of Europe are being staked


The BCS Woodlands Systems support multiple companies / divisions in a multi-user environment while allowing for smooth transition from one season to the next by maintaining separate information databases for each season's data.  Our software is Microsoft Access® based and runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, Millenium and XP while using either Microsoft or Novell networks for full multi-user capabilities.


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