The Logger Tracker

Some Logger Tracker System screens :


Main Control Menu


The Logger Tracker offers the flexibility to be used by all types of logging operations.  Our control screens offer uncluttered and ease of access to User required modules.  Information databases are maintained on a seasonal basis, allowing for access to historical data whenever required.

Contract Screen

The Logger Tracker has as a precept a “Contract”.  A Contract ties Cut Blocks and receiving mills to allow for a definition of pay rates for phase work involved in the Harvesting process and those for the hauling of the Timber.


Cut Block Screen

The Logger Tracker allows for multiple Cut Blocks per Contract.  Each Cut Block may have its own particular timber allocation (to phases and equipment).  Each mill, which will be receiving timber from the Cut Block, may have its own time sensitive conversions for all species of wood handled. 

Logging Truck Screen

The Logger Tracker records Log Truck for activity recording and equipment costing purposes.  Truck and Trailer combinations may be assigned different gross vehicle weight parameters.  Road conditions may also have an effect on gross vehicle weights allowed.

Load Ticket Screen

The Logger Tracker has a very flexible Load Intake screen allowing for quick and easy entry of Load Tickets from a variety of mills allowing for a multitude of different measuring systems, truck numbering schemes and pay mechanisms. 
Input of load values may be done in lbs., kgs., ton, tonnes, cords, mfbm, cubic meters; the system will do all conversions required.  Any number of phases (Equipment and Operators, including royalties, stumpage and landowner) may have a differing percentage of (or absolute) of load assigned to them for load allocation and payment purposes.  User may accept or override system provided defaults.  Last value and import features make for a quick and flexible load ticket entry mechanism.


Equipment Screen

The Logger Tracker requires recording of all iron and manpower activity on a Block.  Equipment (i.e. iron) must be recorded on the system.  Equipment rates may be assigned different rates of pay for different activities.  The system allows for an equipment / operator split of rate allowing for fact the operator and equipment hours rarely match and equipment doesn’t require overtime considerations in its costing.


Production Ticket Screen

The Logger Tracker intakes Production Tickets in an efficient or dynamic manner.  Equipment and operator are recorded as to activity during a shift with differentiation for contract, block, equipment, and activity matters.  System has a multivariate ways of calculation and attributing overtime; ultimately the User may allocate in any manner desired.  A complete system of Banking and un-Banking hours is incorporated in the system.

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