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BCS Software is dedicated to the concerns and interests of the Forestry Industry. Our systems, used in conjunction with your financial accounting system, provide you with the information edge to gain a knowledge based competitive advantage in today's tight margin world.

Timber Harvesters to Wood Processors and Brokers profit from the operation of our software.  If you’re running crews or iron in the woods, or hauling logs down a road, or brokering out of a log yard or milling & selling timber; BCS Software products were built with your operations in mind and have the solutions you need.

BCS Woodlands’ product line was built for



The Harvesting & Transport of Timber , its Processing into, and Selling of, as Product;
which we support 24/7.

Before the Mill The Logger Tracker , our systems are made to track the harvesting of timber, while accumulating costs per cubic meter, tonne, board-foot, cord or ton. Our systems track the delivering of said timber to mill log yards with the proper information for paying any subcontractor involved in the process while being able to identify the source and conversion of delivered timber to be reported to vested parties.

Once at the Mill The ScaleHouse Tracker
The Woodlands Tracker , our systems are made to follow the processing of timber through a mill (from the Log Yard, through the Mill, ending as finished product in the Out Yard) to calculate recovery, cull, trim/loss and profit/loss.  Efficiencies and process flow are measured while gathering information for production statistics and inventory balances.

Once Processed The Mill Tracker , our systems will record purchase orders, sales, and shipments while producing bill of lading, truck tickets, invoices, trucking purchase orders and allowing for historical sales analysis.

The BCS Woodlands System modules include :

The Logger Tracker for the Logger / Log Hauler

The Logger Tracker is concerned with what concerns the Logger.  The Logger Tracker tracks timber harvesting activity and production costs for equipment, operators, trucks, drivers by the contract, block, phase, species, log type, and mill (plus more).  It allows for phase and trucking contractor payouts while calculating phase logging costs for any timber logged and keeping track of equipment costs.  Smaller mills have found The Logger Tracker to be just what they need to economically handle harvesting tracking and for payment to responsible phase logging contractors and / or load & haul operations under their governance.
Give The Logger Tracker a try, start by clicking on this Download button Download The Logger Tracker - Demonstration Disk .


The Woodlands Tracker  for the Mill's Woodlands department.

The Woodlands Tracker is what is needed to track Timber from the stump to the mill yard. Tracks timber from source to mill; allowing for contract, contractor and load management while generating pay statements, turn around and overload/penalty reports. Block, Contract, Species, Log Types, Contractor, Truck activity reports give timely and usefully current information. The Woodlands Tracker runs in conjunction with  The ScaleHouse Tracker in order to supply a Woodlands department with a complete, integrated and consistent method of recording Scale House Load activity.


The Mill Tracker  for the Mill's Production / Sales departments.

The Mill Tracker is equipped to track the processing of timber into saleable product. It tracks wood as it proceeds through a mill processes (i.e. bucking, milling, edging, trimming, planning, drying, remanufacturing, etc.) and records production activity to be used in Production Analysis, Inventory Balances, Trim-Loss & Recovery, Profit & Loss calculations.  The Mill Tracker will follow all sales activity from Purchase Orders to Invoicing. Broker Orders are recorded along with ensuing sales orders, bills of lading, and shipping purchase orders to provide Sales History, Reporting on Destinations, Products, Brokers, etc. The system allows for internal Accounts Receivable maintenance.

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