The Mill Tracker    


The Mill Tracker is a fully integrated “Mill Production / Sales departments” package designed and implemented as a working tool for Production Tracking, Inventory Control and Sales Activity Processing and Analysis.


Some Mill Tracker facilities and capabilities: 


Production Tracking


Purchase Order Entry


Sales Processing, Analysis and History


Shipping Orders and Reload Yards


Accounts Receivable Maintenance



Errata : Licencing / Support / Customizations, etc.


Why Purchase the Mill Tracker


The Mill Tracker is equipped to track the processing of raw logs into a finished product. Whether using electronic or manual data collectors, this system will track your wood from log yard through the mill, dryer, green yard, planer, remanufacturing processes of your operations before arriving at the out yard or the dry yard ready for sale/delivery to your customer. For each of the aforementioned phases, The Mill Tracker will produce : Production Reports, Process In/Out Reporting, Perpetual and Physical Count Report, & Process Cull Reports


The Mill Tracker is equipped to track all of Sales activity; from Purchase Orders, to filling Orders, to producing invoicing and to recording ensuing Received on Accounts. All sales activity recorded to produce viable historic reporting on product destination and sales activity


The Mill Tracker has a proven Track Record.  It’s been generating Production, Cull, Recovery, Inventory and Sales Reports and much more, since the 1986/1987 season.  


Provides your information requirements for :


Production Department


Recording :

·      Production Tracking from the Log Scanners to Sales Yard (inputs allowed: FBM, bundle, or piece).

·      Tabulation sheet entry or the The Mill Tracker will incorporate your current data recording mechanisms.


Producing : 

·      Process culls and recovery rates on all your processes.

·      Inventory Balances for all Mill processes (Planer, Dry Yard, Dryer, Out Yard, etc.), based on product.

·      Mill, Dryer, Green Yard, Planer, Remanufacturing, Out Yard and Dry Yard processes all stand as separate calculations and  inventory balancing.


Sales Department


Recording :

·      Purchase Order Entry with many flexible parameters; P.O.'s may be adjusted upon shipment allowing for market, product, and/or trucking considerations.

·      Received on Accounts Entry with flexible discount adjustment controls.


Producing : 

·      Outstanding Purchase Orders

·      Bills of Lading

·      Invoices, sales processing with User selection of items from Purchase Order with selectable prices, discounting and due dates controls.

·      Shipping Truck Purchase Orders produced as required; payables may be based on FBM, Delivery Point, Configuration, Trucker and/or Broker.

·      Quota Allocation and Transfers.

·       Destination Reports

·       Sales Histories (by brokers, destination, products, etc)

·       Month End Sales Summaries with Excel Graphing

·       Account Receivables reporting including Ageing Reports.




·       Multiple summary and detailed reports produced with many sorts, inclusion, non-inclusion and date/time controls; reporting is dynamic and multivariate.




·      "Build a Load" allowing for Loads to be accumulated from different Purchase Orders; in order to be accomodate the truck trailer configuration, and its maximum load capability.

·      Supports "Reload yards" with tracking of ensuing transfers and sales.

·      Tracks "Dryer Runs" to final destinations.

·      Supports "Reload yards" with tracking of ensuing transfers and sales.



Specialized modules available  

·      Data Accumulation

·      Planer Tracker

·      Grader Evaluator

·      Label Tracker

·      Reman Costing



Included with a Purchase 

·         Licencing Agreement for installations on as many computers as User requires; constraint being the operations must be operating under the legal entity and same physical location as that referred to in BCS Licencing Agreement.

·       BCS Software has found that most operations have their own specific needs whether in calculation, recording or reporting.  Therefore with every sale; we reserve 16 hours of BCS offices hours for User specific code adjustments (we’ll tweak the code to your needs).

Licencing and Updates 

·         Additional Operating Location

·      Secondary Licencing       

·      Yearly Updates/Ongoing Support  


Set-Up and Training 

The software may be easily loaded using directives given, on the Note-Pad, when installing the Sampler and Help-Files directives.  Demo movies, sampler data and help-files are provided for ease of User familiarization.


Once a User is ready to commence loading their operation's information into the system , interaction, with our offices, may prove beneficial. 


Therefore, with each primary licencing, we provide :


·       3 staggered half days of PC Anywhere / Voice Support (with intermediary call-backs)

·       or 3 staggered half days of Voice Support  (with intermediary call-backs)

·        For expenses and a $ 500 a day charge,, we will do On-Site Installation and Training, with Accounting / Office personnel; Woodlands personnel appreciated for first day and a half.

We appreciate staggering the training as this allows for User maturity and familiarity of use prior to training sessions. 


On-Going Support 

·         Our offices are receptive to calls from our Users.  We do not charge for calls, from competent Users, for reminders/problems/solutions and / or general discussions.  Once you are an established User, calls to our offices may not be required but may be found expedient.  Charges would only be incurred on special system changes (quotes provided) and due to such situations as staffing changes / inadequacies, network, telecommunications, hardware, etc. problems.


On-Going Development 

·         The Mill Tracker has been evolving since 1986 and it will continue to evolve as Forestry practices, logging methods and hauling parameters change. Our customers find their needs changing along their changing logging / hauling conditions; BCS Woodlands Systems are meeting and will continue to meet those changing requirements.


Customization of Implementations

·         BCS Woodlands has found that most operations have their own specific needs. Therefore, all installations are analyzed for System enhancement possibilities.  We'll tweak what's required to finalize a fit to your operations.


System Requirements 

·        600MZ plus with 256k plus of internal memory (general axiom. the faster and the bigger, the better).

·      Microsoft Windows from '95 to XP.

·      Monitor resolution of 800 by 600 (design basis).

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