The ScaleHouse Tracker    


The ScaleHouse Tracker is a fully integrated  “Mill ScaleHouse” package designed and implemented as a working tool to be used in conjunction with The Woodlands Tracker  in order to facilitate “Mills’ Woodlands operations.


Some Scale House Tracker facilities and capabilities:



Scale House Activity Recording


Errata : Licencing / Support / Customizations, etc.



Why Purchase the ScaleHouse Tracker


With The ScaleHouse Tracker, you will find the dependability and the services you need to keep your scale house's  paperwork flowing smoothly and accurately. 


The ScaleHouse Tracker has been weighing trucks for over 2 decades.  It has evolved as the logging and computer industries have evolved, and it has adapted its functionalities as the industry has adapted to today's working environment.  The ScaleHouse Tracker is a good piece of equipment sold at a very reasonable rate to smaller and intermediate size mills.


The ScaleHouse Tracker has a proven Track Record.  It’s been tracking and managing Log Delivery operations since the 1986/1987 season.


Provides your information requirements for :




·         Entering of Load Ticket information for all Inbound and Outbound trucks.



·         System may be operated by Scalehouse personnel, or by truck drivers.

·         Sampling may be done on Population, Sub-Population, Contractor-specific parameters; governmental and User sampling provided.

·         Allows entry of all required Load Slip information, including drivers and allowing Phase equipment to be recognized (i.e. Loaders).

·         Multiple validations for veracity and applicability of data entered.

·         Clear indicators are provided for Sample Load flagging and Overload alerts.

·         Tracks Inbound or Outbound loads.



Scale House Transfers 

·         The ScaleHouse Tracker runs in conjunction with The Woodlands Tracker, in order to supply a Woodlands department with a complete, integrated and consistent method of recording Scalehouse activity.

·         The ScaleHouse Tracker may export its information in a variety of formats.



Included with a Purchase 

·         Licencing Agreement for installations on as many computers as User requires; constraint being the operations must be operating under the legal entity and same physical location as that referred to in BCS Licencing Agreement.

·       BCS Software has found that most operations have their own specific needs whether in calculation, recording or reporting.  Therefore with every sale; we reserve 16 hours of BCS offices hours for User specific code adjustments (we’ll tweak the code to your needs).

Licencing and Updates 

·         Additional Operating Location

·      Secondary Licencing       

·      Yearly Updates/Ongoing Support  


Set-Up and Training 

The software may be easily loaded using directives given, on the Note-Pad, when installing the Sampler and Help-Files directives.  Demo movies, sampler data and help-files are provided for ease of User familiarization.


Once a User is ready to commence loading their operation's information into the system , interaction, with our offices, may prove beneficial. 


Therefore, with each primary licencing, we provide :


·       3 staggered half days of PC Anywhere / Voice Support (with intermediary call-backs)

·       or 3 staggered half days of Voice Support  (with intermediary call-backs)

·        For expenses and a $ 500 a day charge,, we will do On-Site Installation and Training, with Accounting / Office personnel; Woodlands personnel appreciated for first day and a half.

We appreciate staggering the training as this allows for User maturity and familiarity of use prior to training sessions. 



On-Going Support 

·         Our offices are receptive to calls from our Users.  We do not charge for calls, from competent Users, for reminders/problems/solutions and / or general discussions.  Once you are an established User, calls to our offices may not be required but may be found expedient.  Charges would only be incurred on special system changes (quotes provided) and due to such situations as staffing changes / inadequacies, network, telecommunications, hardware, etc. problems.


On-Going Development 

·         The ScaleHouse Tracker has been evolving since 1986 and it will continue to evolve as Forestry practices, logging methods and hauling parameters change. Our customers find their needs changing along their changing logging / hauling conditions; BCS Woodlands Systems are meeting and will continue to meet those changing requirements.


Customization of Implementations

·         BCS Woodlands has found that most operations have their own specific needs. Therefore, all installations are analyzed for System enhancement possibilities.  We'll tweak what's required to finalize a fit to your operations.


System Requirements 

·       600MZ plus with 256k plus of internal memory (general axiom. the faster and the bigger, the better).

·     Microsoft Windows from '95 to XP.

·     Monitor resolution of 800 by 600 (design basis).

View some ScaleHouse Tracker Screens
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