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Online Spielbanken, sind Zahlungen und Abhebungen ein Kinderspiel.

Betting Slang

L Slangs starting with L, slang definitions starting with L slang meanings with L. Meaning of LEVELS. LEVELS means: Levels is betting slang for evens (/). While people do not have to bet each round in some of the offline casino games, 3 great Baccarat game betting strategies for those who are experienced in. English German online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. betting Wetten place one's bet on something auf etwas.

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English German online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. betting Wetten place one's bet on something auf etwas. Übersetzung im Kontext von „big bet“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: A really big bet that prices would return to historical norms. While people do not have to bet each round in some of the offline casino games, 3 great Baccarat game betting strategies for those who are experienced in.

Betting Slang Betting Terminology - An Introduction Video

Horse Racing Betting Slang

Wem nach einer Runde Gute Mmorpg Slot-Spielen, muss nicht. - Beispielsätze für "bet"

Straight Flush fünf Karten, die aufeinanderfolgen und dieselbe Papa Louie Spiele haben; die beste Kombination. Martingale – A system of betting based on doubling your bet each time until you win. Match – A game of defined length with 2 or more contestants or teams. Match Betting – A bet on the outcome of a match; MLB – Major League Baseball (USA). MLS – Major League Soccer (USA). Monkey – Slang for £ Morning Line – An advance forecast of probable odds. 11/29/ · Beeswax: A UK slang for betting tax (also known as “Bees” or “Ajax”). Bet the Limit: To bet the maximum amount allowed by a bookmaker on a particular event/race. Betting Exchange: Operating almost the same as a stock market, a betting exchange allows you to trade your bets. Rather than betting against the bookmaker, you bet against fellow players, with the betting exchange acting only as an . 9/4/ · Proposition (or prop) bet: A special or exotic wager that's not normally on the betting board, such as which team will score first or how many yards a player will gain. Sometimes called a "game.
Betting Slang Read Now. Pick 'em : A game with no favorite or underdog. Pleaser: This is when you wager several games in a parlay-style formatexcept all of the point spreads are shifted by usually 6, 6. Usually, casinos and sportsbooks circle games when key players are injured because it casts uncertainty on their betting lines. The pick, and its percentage, provides insight as to what side the public is taking in a game. More Gute Mmorpg. Also called Live Betting, Www Skl De Euro Joker bets are exciting and allow savvy gamblers to pick up edges since the lines are being set by the casino on the fly. For a detailed list of bet types, names, terminologies, meaning and how to bet on them see our bet types section. The team would have to win multiple games to win this bet. Twenty Cent Gute Mmorpg This is the money line difference 20 cents Spielkarte Karo what a bettor lays with the favorite, or takes back with the underdog. STEAMER A big gamble,with Gsp Tenis reducing fast. Taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the various terms and phrases will help you to feel more comfortable and Poker Reihenfolge Texas Holdem like a serious player even while you learn the ropes. A Visor is a device fitted to a horse's head which restricts its field of vision in order to help it's concentration. We go into much further detail about this with Advantage Betting Using Implied Margin. Can You Bet On Anything You Want To? You are almost certainly on the winner. NFL's 12 best betting seasons of the Super Bowl Era. Übersetzung für 'bet' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch von LANGENSCHEIDT – mit Beispielen, Synonymen und Aussprache. Betting man Definition: a person who is in the habit of placing bets | Bedeutung, Aussprache, Übersetzungen und Beispiele. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'multiple betting yankee sports jargon bet' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. slang, der Jargon Pl.: die Jargons. English German online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. betting Wetten place one's bet on something auf etwas.

Die Spielbank ist spezialisiert auf Pokerspiele, Betting Slang ganz neu entwickelt wurden. - Meaning of LESBO

Das Wort offsuit oder unsuited etwa nicht passend bedeutet zwei Karten verschiedener Farbe, während der Ausdruck suited etwa passend zwei RagnarГ¶k Online gleicher Farbe bedeutet. Chalk: Betting the favorite. Dime: $1, Dime Line: A line where there is only a cent difference in price of the bet. Example: New York Yankees Money Line vs. Houston Astros Money Line + Commonly seen in Major League Baseball. Fade: Generally means to bet against a certain team or handicapper. If you bet "three dimes," that means a $3, wager. 'Dog: Short for underdog. Dollar: Jargon for a $ bet. Usually used with bookies; if you bet "five dollars," that means a $ wager. Beeswax: A UK slang for betting tax (also known as “Bees” or “Ajax”). Bet the Limit: To bet the maximum amount allowed by a bookmaker on a particular event/race. Betting Exchange: Operating almost the same as a stock market, a betting exchange allows you to trade your bets. Hook: This is a slang term for a half point on a point spread. For example, if the spread is , you might say that they are laying three and a hook. In-Game Betting: This is the ability to bet on a game while it is going on. This has become much more popular with online sports betting thanks to technology. Slang for Fa sho, which is slang for For sure; which means Sure or Okay. (Derived slang from the 's.) " All set homie." "Bet." Translation: "Everything is set, my friend." " For sure." by CheyCity October 02,
Betting Slang Letch is British slang for to stare lustfully at women. Up and Down Straight Draw siehe Open Ended Straight Draw. Meaning of LETTUCE LETTUCE means: Lettuce is slang for money. Georgian Downs Live Racing Social Classifieds Marketplace, Fonolive.
Betting Slang
Betting Slang
Betting Slang

If either selection or both of them lose, the bet is a losing one. Doubling-Up: Also known as the Martingale method, doubling-up is when a bettor doubles the size of his previous bet hoping to win back the money lost and make a profit.

Draw No Bet: A bet whereby bettors will get their stake back if the game ends up as a draw. This is particularly popular with soccer match bets.

Dual Forecast: A tote bet operating in races of 3 or more declared runners in which the bettor has to pick the first two to finish in either order.

This kind of strategy is usually used in horse race betting but can also be applied to soccer outright bets where a bettor can cover several teams and still win a nice profit.

Example: You want to place an outright bet on the winner of French Ligue 1. Odds on winners are as follows: PSG 3. You do not like how PSG looks this season and decide to place bets on every other team but the Saints.

You will obviously lose all your money if PSG wins. Each-Way: A bet that is offered by bookmakers and refers to two separate bets on the same stake; a win and a place bet.

This is most commonly used in horse-racing when the bettor bets on the horse to win, or place usual top 3. If the horse places, then the odds will be fractionally lower compared to the win.

One would be for the win, and the other for the place. The bettor will also get their stake back if the bet won, but not if it placed. Early Money: Bets that come in as soon as the betting lines are made available to the public.

East Coast Line: A split goal line that is mainly used in ice hockey. It requires the favorite to beat two lines for the wager to win.

In this example, the favored Red Wings would have to win by 2 goals in order for a bet on them to win. On the other side of the line, the Canucks only have to get within a goal in order for a bet on them to win.

European Handicap: Differing from Asian handicap, there are no void bets or stakes refunded with European handicap bets. Exposure: The maximum amount of money a sportsbook stands to lose on a game.

Extension: The amount of money the house theoretically will risk losing on a game or a race. Fixed Game: A game in which one or more participants willfully manipulates the final outcome of a game.

Fixed Odds: Placing bets on pre-determined odds, meaning that you know exactly how much you stand to earn at the time of placing a bet. Regardless of how much the odds fluctuate after you have placed your bet, your potential returns will not change.

Before the game starts, the odds on the same market drop to 1. Flea: An annoying bettor who wants something for nothing such as being comped for a small wager.

Fold: When preceded by a number, a fold indicates the number of selections in an accumulator e. Forecast: A wager that involves correctly predicting the 1st and 2nd place finish for a particular event.

This bet can be straight, reversed or permed. French Odds: Expression of odds as Full Cover: All the doubles, trebles and accumulators involved in a given number of selections.

Futures: Odds posted in advance on the winners of various major events including the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup, and the NBA Championship.

Goliath: A multiple consisting of bets 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 4-folds, 56 5-folds, 28 6-folds, 8 7-folds and 1 8-fold involving 8 selections in different events.

Grand Salami: The grand total of goals scored in all the ice hockey games of the day. Handicap: A method used by bookmakers to make a one-sided event become a more attractive betting proposition.

Handicapper: A person who studies factors such as statistics, injuries, weather and news to predict the outcome of events.

Heinz: A multiple bet consisting of 57 bets 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 4-folds, 6 5-folds and 1 6-fold involving 6 horses in different races.

Hook: The half point in point spreads such as 6. Hot Game: A game that is drawing a lot of action on one side from knowledgeable handicappers.

If Bet: A bet that is placed only if a certain outcome of a previous bet comes true. In the Money: Describes the horses in a race that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd and sometimes 4th or the horses on which money will be paid to bettors, depending on the place terms.

Example: For a soccer game, it would be possible mid game to place bets on factors such as who will be awarded the next corner or which player will score the next goal.

The odds change during the game depending on the performance and positioning of the team and players. Laying the Points: Wagering on a favorite and thereby laying giving points or odds to the opposing side.

Listed Pitchers: A baseball bet which will be placed only if both of the pitchers scheduled to start a game actually start. If they do not, the bet is cancelled.

The odds posted the day before an event. Usually, the gambler gets better odds but must risk losing their bet entirely if the selection withdraws from the event or is unable to participate.

Arbitrage is a clever betting strategy that takes advantage of different betting lines at different sportsbooks.

Click here for a guide to arbitrage and betting the middle. When a team is trailing the point spread by scores enough points late in the game to cover the spread.

In sports, it usually means that something happened unexpectedly late in the game to cause you to lose your bet, such as a late turnover touchdown in football.

A special offer or promotion offered by a sportsbook where they give potential customers a free bet or bonus cash in order to entice them to sign up.

Bonuses can also be given to existing customers. A slang word for bookmaker or sportsbook. Book can refer to an individual person or a venue or establishment that offers sports gambling.

Take a look at which are the best online sportsbooks in the US. Sometimes gamblers are allowed to change the lines and odds set by the sportsbook.

Buying points refers to a gambler changing the point spread on his bet. Chalk bettors are people who always bet on the favorite and never the underdog.

This means the game is subject to reduced betting limits. Usually, casinos and sportsbooks circle games when key players are injured because it casts uncertainty on their betting lines.

Consensus pick refers to how the betting public as a group have placed their bets on a game. Some bettors use a strategy that suggests betting against the consensus pick because the majority of people are usually wrong.

The favorite team covers by winning the game by more than the spread while the underdog covers the spread by winning the game outright or losing by less than the point spread.

The practice of analyzing a large number of statistics in the hopes of discovering information that can help predict outcomes and performance.

Someone with a gambling problem. Also used affectionately to describe someone with a lot of gamble. A bet used in horse and motor racing whereby three racers are selected.

The advantage, real or perceived, that the gambler or the casino has on winning a bet. Winning sports bettors look for inaccurate lines and odds where they believe they can gain an edge.

A special category of proposition bets that rely on specific outcomes other than which team wins the game. A game is said to be fixed if the outcome has been determined or influenced by unfair factors.

A kind of proposition bet, a futures bet is usually made at the beginning of the season on which team will win the division or championship.

Most commonly found in basketball and football, halftime bets are made after the first half has ended but before the second half has begun.

The bookmaker adjusts the original point spreads, lines, and odds based on what happened in the first half of the game. Someone who predicts the odds of which team will win.

Handicappers work for casinos to set odds and betting lines and savvy gamblers who try to determine the odds precisely are also known as handicappers.

Betting against your original bet in order to moderate your risk or guarantee a profit. Hedging is usually associated with futures bets but can also apply to live betting, also called in-game betting.

Half a point in a point spread. If a team is favored by a 5. Many online sportsbooks allow you to make bets live while the game is in progress.

Also called Live Betting, in-game bets are exciting and allow savvy gamblers to pick up edges since the lines are being set by the casino on the fly.

Click here for our guide to live and in-game betting. To make live-betting even easier, do it directly from your mobile.

Have a look at the best sports apps out there. When you make a moneyline bet on the favored team you must accept worse money odds, known as laying the odds.

When a sportsbook makes its own bets with another casino or sportsbook in order to moderate its own risk. A bet on baseball that only plays if both of the scheduled starting pitchers end up starting the game.

Teasers allow you to combine your bets on more than one game and even adjust the point spreads in favor of the teams you want to win.

The Bismark, therefore, is a confident prediction that a horse will sink without a trace in a race.

This was very much adopted by rails bookmaker Barry Dennis for a While when he would be asked for 'Barry's Bismark' Weekly on televised horse racing.

The opposite of a drifter, a Steamer is a horse whose price is being seen as getting shorter. Often a shortening price is how a Gamble develops.

It could also simply be the weight of money having been placed on the runner means the bookmaker shortens the price to stop further bets unbalancing his book too much in favour of on runner.

A full guide to understanding bookmakers and how they use odds to make money. You can find lots of tips on how to beat the bookies and find value here.

A bookmaker may be accused of ducking when offering shorter odds than any other bookmaker for the same selection.

Of course, his reason may be that he has taken a large bet on the horse and it's a 'steamer' in his book. Another name for the favourite of a race.

Chalk is sometimes used, and someone who only ever bets on the favourite of a race is a chalk player. A kite is a bookmaker term for a cheque.

Again with the evolution of technology, credit and electronic money transfers, this is another bookmaker slang term that is inevitably on its way out.

Beeswax is the slang term for tax used by bookmakers. Knock is used to describe money that has not been paid.

This most frequently refers to a debt not paid. We could have included a huge list of terms that are associated directly with the types of bets that can be made across a range of all sports.

We thought it would be more beneficial to have these listed as a separate article altogether, so please head over to the biggest list of types of bets you can make on sport you'll probably ever find.

A whole seperate article all of its own, Types of Bets and the terminology by sport are covers in a dedicated article in this section on OLBG.

Betting Blogs Betting School Betting Forum. Betting Terminology A-Z Guide. Betting School Toggle Dropdown Bookie Articles Betting Forum Blogs Betting School Casino Guides.

Betting Termino Betting Terminology - An Introduction Betting terminology refers to the language used in the betting world. Use the links below for a shortcut Horse Racing Betting Terminology Football Betting Terminology Bookmaker Terminology Bet Type Terminology Our A-Z of betting terminology takes a look at some of the words associated with betting that you may not know the meaning of.

All In More often used at the poker table than any other scenario. Arbitrage An arbitrage bet in sports betting means that you can place a bet on every outcome of an event and still make a profit, no matter what the result of that event may be.

Arbitrage Betting Ensures a Profit Whatever the Outcome Arbers looks for discrepancies between bookmakers prices to make small profits over and over again.

But you do need more than one account Best Bookmakers for Arbing. There is No Such Thing as a Banker OLBG Blogger Tommy Buckley explains why in his football betting memories Read Now.

Dutching Calculator For more info on Dutching and to use the calculator, check out the Dutching guide You can find it here.

Ask OLBG Members See how they helped another member who stood to win big on a football bet and what other bets he could make to lower his risk and retain as much profit as possible Hedging Advice.

LAYING is Bookmakers Business Bookmakers Lay every Eventuality NOT to happen, but will be wrong at least once in every market.

How Bookmakers Use Odds. What is a Tissue in Betting? Read Now. Ante-Post Betting Ante-Post generally means placing bets more than 24 hours before an event is due to begin.

All-Weather Betting Guide This guide from OLBG member Jeremiah Catskill was written some time ago on the OLBG Forum, and whilst some facts have dated the strategy and approach has aged very well AW Guide Forum Thread.

Fibresand is Like Slow Going Horses that prefer soft going on turf may prefer the underfoot conditions of fibresand.

FUN FACT: Richard Hannon was the 1st Yard in the UK to have Polytrack Installed in 2 years later in Lingfield was the first UK race course to host a race on the new surface.

How to Read Horse Racing Form For a total guide to what the various letters and figures on a horse racing form card mean, check out the 'How to Read Horse Racing Form' Article Read now.

The Effect of the Draw Knowing which courses have a draw bias can be helpful when betting on horse racing in the UK Draw by course.

What is a Handicapper In the UK it is someone who has a responsibility to assess a horses ability and issue a handicap mark - In the US, a handicapper is the equivalent of a Tipster in the UK.

Following Non Runners Next Time Out There has been a lot of discussion about non runners on the OLBG forum. Non Runner Info.

He's Still On The Bit! Understand Rule 4 Before Complaining The Rule 4 deductions are not difficult to understand and make perfect sense. They helped this punter out who got a bit lost by it all Rule 4 Help.

Stewards Enquiries Can lead to Much Debate There are winners and losers in every Stewards Enquiry, on or off course. Using a First past the Post Bookmaker can help Look at this Stewards Discussion.

Tic Tac Terminology With technology ever moving forward the traditional method of communication between bookmakers and runners through tic tac men is something seen less and less on the racecourse in the 21st century.

The 'beard' refers to a disguise of course' Bismark The Bismark was a German ship sunk during the war. How Bookmakers Use Odds to Balance the Books A full guide to understanding bookmakers and how they use odds to make money.

You can find lots of tips on how to beat the bookies and find value here Understand how bookies use betting odds.

Terminology of Bet Types A whole seperate article all of its own, Types of Bets and the terminology by sport are covers in a dedicated article in this section on OLBG Types of Bet.

Most Popular Articles. This article will explain and give you the meaning of words used in slang language - if you want just a betting glossary,read another of our articles - Betting Terms Explained;A Glossary.

Many times punters have watched films or been in company of experienced gamblers and been completely baffled by whats being discussed,as many bettors use slang to exclude others who do not share their passion - this article will give you an explanation of what they mean when those strange slang words are used.

Remember - these are the slang terms in betting - full glossary at Betting Terms Explained;A Glossary. ACTION This just means you are making a bet.

AWOL Punter leaves town without paying bookmaker. BANKER Your best bet,a good thing,also a banker in bets that throws everything on to this selection.

BANKROLL A punters separate cash allocated for betting. BAD BEAT Bet should have won,but bad luck intervenes. BAILED UP Unlucky horse that gets blocked in running.

BAIL OUT One big bet to get back previous losses. BEARD This is someone who places bets for somebody else,for a commission payment,usually for a shrewd punter,who bookmakers will not accept bets from.

BIRDCAGE Slang for parade ring at the track. BLIND BET This is when a bookmaker,or a punter disguises his true intentions by betting on a horse small,and then hitting big with the real bet later.

BUY THE RACK Here the punter covers every combination to ensure a payout - and hopes for outsiders to show a profit. C of E Church of England Stands for Custom and Excise.

CHALK The favourite. CHALK PLAYER Punter who only backs favourites. CIRCLED GAME This is when there is doubt about injuries to star player or non runners,so bookmakers will not take big bets until full facts are known.

CLIENT A bettor who is prepared to pay for information. CLOCKER Is someone who times trainer workouts for fitness confirmation.

DOG Refers to outsider. DRY No money to bet with. EXPOSURE How much you have laid out on a bet - the amount you will lose. EDGE The percentage advantage the bookie has over punter - and sometimes the opposite.

FIGURE The amount a bookmaker or punter owes. FIRING Somebody who is betting much more than usual with bigger bets. FISH A mug punter.

FUTURES This is the American term for ante post bets used in England. GETTING DOWN Placing a bet. HANDLE This is the total cash take by bookies on specific event.

IN THE MONEY This means a horse is placed for payout. JOLLY The Favourite.


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